Pharmacy Worker Shoots Robber in Self Defense

Published by the Author on May 22, 2009 at 5:20 pm > Gun Related News > Pharmacy Worker Shoots Robber in Self Defense

As reported, an armed robber and two accomplices attempted to rob the Reliable Discount Pharmacy in Oklahoma City.  A pharmacy employee fatally shot the violent criminal in self defense, and police arrested one suspected accomplice about a block from the pharmacy.  A third accomplice is being sought by police.  None of the pharmacy employees or customers were harmed.  A man who was at the pharmacy with his wife and daughter told reporters that the pharmacy was robbed a few years ago, after which point the store owner decided to take steps to protect himself, his employees, and his customers.

This is the third pharmacy-related self defense story that I’ve posted here in just the last 2 months.  Just happened in the first and second such cases, the violent robbers were shot, and no innocent people were harmed.  Armed self defense works, plain and simple, while gun control laws only serve to leave law abiding citizens vulnerable to gun-ban-ignoring criminals.

My thanks to Chris for pointing out this self defense example.

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  • Joshua

    I live in Oklahoma city,and would like to say that i support this pharmacist in his actions, however do want to point out that he was also arrested and charged with homicide by the Oklahoma county DA for returning to the pharmacy after attempting to chase down the accomplice and unloading a second firearm into the already downed first assailant.



    My follow-up responses to the arrest of the pharmacy worker, and the comments by the dead robber's family can be seen here: