Armed Robberies and a Case of Self Defense in Oak Park, IL

Over the last year, I’ve discussed dozens of armed robberies in Oak Park, where criminals ignore the handgun ban and prey on disarmed victims.  The last week was sadly no different, although I am happy to report that there was a case of self defense.

Armed robberies

As reported, a resident of the 200 block of North Austin was entering his apartment vestibule around 2:30 p.m. on June 21, when a man followed, spun him around and forced him into a corner. Holding a box cutter to the man’s neck, the robber took his cell phone and $5 cash, then order the victim to go to his residence and get more cash.  The victim explained that he had no more money, at which point the robber told him to go, and then fled.

Just after 5 p.m. that same afternoon, a woman getting out of her car in her garage on the 1150 block of S. Lyman was attacked by a man who pointed a silver handgun at her and demanded her money. The robber fled after the woman handed over her wallet, containing $70 cash.

Self defense case

As reported, an Oak Park man defended himself against two robbers by pulling out his pocket knife. The man was parking his motorcycle about 10:25 p.m. June 17 in a garage in the 1200 block of North Austin Boulevard when he was approached by two men, one of whom indicated that he had a gun. After the motorcyclist pulled the knife, the men fled.  No one was injured.

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My thoughts

I’ll begin by saying what I have said numerous times in the past: Oak Park’s handgun ban just doesn’t work.  Criminals, who ignore the handgun ban, routinely commit carjackings, armed robbery, shootings, and other terrible crimes against the defenseless citizens of Oak Park.  In Oak Park, just as in Chicago, criminals who are willing to commit a serious felony like armed robber don’t think twice about breaking the laws against gun possession.  Instead, only the law abiding victims follow those laws, leaving them vulnerable.  Remember, criminals are by definition people who don’t obey the law, and so gun control is just another law for them to scoff at.

However when victims are armed, they are often able to defend themselves.  The motorcycle rider in the above example was able to use a pocket knife to fend off two robber.  In a pair of cases over the last year or so, would-be victims who chose to illegally carry guns for self defense were able to defend themselves against a bat-wielding racist attacker, and an armed robber.  Armed self defense is effective, as the statistics and real life examples make clear.