Minor but Good Improvements to IL Gun Laws

As reported, HB 182 and HB 3714 were signed into law last week by IL governor Pat Quinn:

House Bill 182 changes the Unlawful Use of Weapons (UUW) law, adding “dwelling” to the list of exemptions in which a law-abiding citizen is restricted from carrying a firearm. While “abode” is currently one of the exempted areas, under Illinois law, “abode” is strictly interpreted to mean only one’s actual home, and applies only to those who live there. By adding “dwelling,” the exemption is expanded to allow for situations such as visiting a family member’s home, going target shooting at a friend’s farm, or having a gun for personal protection within a hotel room.

House Bill 3714 states that, as a condition of probation and conditional discharge, a person shall automatically be prohibited from possessing a firearm only if the offense committed was either a felony, or a misdemeanor that “involved the intentional or knowing infliction of bodily harm or threat of bodily harm.” A court may still prohibit firearm possession in cases of misdemeanors that did not involve the infliction or threat of bodily harm, but it is no longer mandatory.

These gun law improvements are not groundbreaking by any means, but still represent a victory for Illinois gun owners.  I would encourage IL residents to contact their elected officials to voice their support for further improvements to IL gun laws – such as legalizing concealed carry.  I would also invite IL gun owners, and gun owners from other states as well, to support the Illinois state rifle association.

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My thanks to JD for pointing out the signing into law of HB-182 and HB-3714.