Alabama Woman Shoots Violent Home Invading Ex-Boyfriend in Self Defense

Published by the Author on November 7, 2009 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Alabama Woman Shoots Violent Home Invading Ex-Boyfriend in Self Defense

As reported, a Mobile, Alabama woman fatally shot a violent ex-boyfriend who broke in to her home, hid in her bedroom closet, and attacked her when she returned home.

Police say the woman broke up with the 29 year old man, who had a history of domestic violence, nearly 4 years ago.  Last week, the ex-boyfriend reportedly broke in to the woman’s home on the 700 block of West Louise Drive, and waited in ambush until she arrived home that night.  At this point, the ex-boyfriend is said to have emerged from the bedroom closet and attacked the woman.  The woman reported grabbed her self defense gun and fired, fatally wounding the home invading ex-boyfriend and saving herself from the violent attack.  Police say that neither of the home’s children, ages 9 and 15, were harmed.

As a matter of biology and perhaps cultural norms, men tend to be physically stronger than women.  The result is that cowardly abusive men can and do use their superior physical strength to harm their victims.  However firearms are the great equalizer, and when a woman is armed, she is in the best position possible to defend herself. A few examples illustrate this point: This armed woman used her gun to stop  violent ex who broke into her home and cornered her in her bedroom.  This armed woman was able to defend herself against a rapist who came back to rape her for a second time in a week.  This 85 year old armed woman held a young burglar at gunpoint and made him call the police on himself.  This armed woman stopped an attacker who tried to ambush her.  This armed pregnant woman used a shotgun to scare away two home invaders.   This armed female school teacher used a gun to save herself from a convicted felon who broke into her home, while this armed woman saved herself and her family from a pair of armed, kidnappers.  I could list more examples, but the point should be clear.

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Contrast this successful self defense example with cases where the victims lived in areas with strict gun bans, such as the murder of Jennifer Hudson’s family in Chicago, or the severe beating of an Oak Park, IL mother and baby, and the benefit of gun ownership become even more apparent.  In the first case, a gun-ban-ignoring criminal used a gun to kill their defenseless victims.  In the second case, neither the criminal nor the victims were armed, yet the criminal used their superior physical strength to severely beat the woman and harm her 6 week old child.  Gun control just leaves law abiding citizens without the means for defending themselves against domestic abusers, while simultaneously failing to disarm violent criminals, who just see a gun ban as another law to ignore.

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  • Anders

    Why does the "Brady Campaign" comment and hold a press conference regarding tragic shootings like Forth Hood, Virginia Tech and Columbine?

    Never a word from them when someone saves their lives or others. Stopping a rape or any other form of self defense. Only when unarmed victims are gunned down by armed criminal(s). Never the other way around?