Commercial Burglar Shot in Self Defense by an Armed Employee

Published by the Author on January 9, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Commercial Burglar Shot in Self Defense by an Armed Employee

As reported, an armed burglar who broke in to a Carroll Township, PA beverage distributor was shot in self defense by an employee.

Police say that a burglar alarm was triggered at Shermans Dale Beer & Beverage, just before 11 PM.  An employee is said to have learned of the alarm, and gone to investigate. Upon arriving, the employee reportedly found the front glass door broken and a burglar inside. After the burglar become violent, the employee is said to have fired one shot from his pistol, killing the armed burglar and saving himself. Police reportedly identified the deceased burglary suspect as 25 year old Jeffrey Thomas Harless of New Bloomfield, PA.

Once again, a law abiding citizen has used a firearm to defend themselves.  Had this employee not been armed, he could have ended up injured or killed in his own store.  Luckily, he was armed, and as a result didn’t suffer at the hands of a burglar.  Simply put, armed self defense works.

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