Help Promote Self Defense and Gun Rights

Each week, I discuss a few of the many self defense cases that have occurred.  In each of those cases, a citizen has defended themselves against an act of violence, often defending their loved ones at the same time.  Society benefits as well, since a criminal who has been fatally shot, shot and apprehend by the police, or held at gunpoint until the police arrive will be taken off the streets.

Sadly, there is no shortage of cases where a violent criminal is able to harm an innocent person.  When that happens, the immediate victim suffers, and a violent criminal often remains free to harm additional citizens.

So what factors separate the self defense cases from those where the criminal prevails?  It isn’t age, as both the young and  old can use a gun in self defense.  Nor is gender at issue, since both men and women successfully defend themselves every day.  Instead, preparedness seems to be what tends to separate the citizens who defend themselves from those who become victims.

For that reason, I would like to encourage everyone to not only be personally prepared for self defense, but to also encourage their loved ones to similarly prepared.  While there is no magic formula for preparedness, here are some suggestions:

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1. Have the proper self defense tool – The proper self defense tool will vary by the situation and applicable laws, however I’m comfortable saying that a firearm is generally the best self defense tool.

2. Practice – the old saying that “practice makes perfect” is true.  Training to skillfully use your self defense tool is vital.  Should you ever face a violence criminal, that is not the time that you want to try and learn how to use your firearm or other self defense tool.

3. Teach a friend or family member about self defense – Helping a friend or family member to be prepared for self defense might just save that person from a violent attack one day.  You can help by dispelling anti gun and anti self defense myths, and teaching them about the value of gun ownership for self defense.

4. Take action to protect our self defense rights – In the United States, unlike many other countries, citizens often enjoy the protection of laws that favor crime victims over their attackers.  American gun law are also some of the best in the world, unlike the gun laws of other countries which leave crime victims defenseless against the gun-ban-ignoring criminals.  However, we must all do our part if we are to retain and improve upon those rights.