Armed South African Citizen Defends Himself and His Wife Against 4 Robbers

As reported, a South African man was walking down the street with his wife when four criminals approached.  Two of the criminals were armed with firearms.  The 4 men tried to rob the couple, at which point the armed citizen drew his self defense gun and open fire, wounding one robber in the buttocks, and another robber in the cheek.  All four criminals fled, and were soon arrested.  The two criminals who were shot were taken to the hospital under police guard, and the two uninjured criminals were taken to jail.  The armed man and his wife were unharmed.

As we’ve seen in the USA as well as other countries, armed self defense works.  It enables law abiding people to defend themselves against physically stronger or more numerous attackers.  It allows women to save themselves from domestic violence offenders, and the elderly to stop young criminal from preying upon them.

Gun control, on the other hand, fails to disarm criminals, and instead only ensures that crime victims are defenseless against the gun-toting criminals.  Even when criminals are unarmed, they tend to still be capable of killing or seriously harming their victims, since violent attackers tend to be young males, who are generally the strongest members of society.