Armed Homeowner Fends off Burglar

Published by the Author on April 1, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Armed Homeowner Fends off Burglar

As reported, a Deerpark, NY homeowner reportedly used his handgun to stop an armed burglar.

Police say that the homeowner, who has a concealed carry permit, heard a trespasser in his back yard, stepped outside to investigate, and found a man attempting to break into his garage.  When the homeowner confronted the burglar, the burglar turned towards the homeowner with an object that appeared to be a weapon, according to police.  The homeowner reportedly fired in self defense, sending the burglar fleeing into the woods.  Police are searching for the suspect, who may or may not have been injured, and the homeowner was unharmed.

Once again, a law abiding citizen has used a firearm to defend themselves.  Had this homeowner not been armed, he could have been injured or killed by a violent burglar.  Luckily, he was armed, and as a result survived unharmed.

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