Armed Citizen Helps Save a Police Officer

Published by the Author on May 31, 2010 at 12:01 pm > Gun Related News > Armed Citizen Helps Save a Police Officer

As reported, an armed citizen used his handgun to help save an officer who was being run down by a suspect in a vehicle:

Police say that an officer on foot, in Fort Worth, Texas, approached two men in a vehicle, at which point the driver tried to run down the officer.  The officer, along with a nearby citizen who was armed for self defense, reportedly opened fire on the vehicle, ending the attack.  The passenger, who was hit, was reportedly taken pushed out of the vehicle by the driver and then apprehended by police.  The officer and citizen who came to his aid were unharmed, and police are seeking the driver, who sped away.

This is not an isolated incident of an armed citizen coming to the aid of a police officer in distress.  Such events occur time and time again, and the lives of police officers are often saved as a result.  Indeed, it is not just cops who benefit from having armed citizens around and about.  Concealed carry permit holders have stopped acts of terrorism, unproked violent attacks, bank robberies, and school shootings.  Even those who break the law and carry a gun for self defense, in states that don’t allow concealed carry, have stopped racist attackers.  Indeed, the tragic and high profile mass killings occur in areas where guns are banned, and criminals therefore have a monopoly on firepower.

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