Father of 4 Uses his Handgun to Save Himself from 3 Armed Robbers – Video Clip

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on June 14, 2010 at 12:01 pm
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As reported, when 3 armed robbers opened fire on a Florida concealed weapons permit holder, the bleeding father of four had no choice but to pull his own concealed handgun to save his life:

John Lee says he’s convinced they would have killed him if he hadn’t had his gun. Lee was talking from his hospital bed Wednesday about the three armed robbers who ambushed him in the parking lot of his Palmetto Bay apartment complex, shooting him four times as he fired back with his own pistol. “They told me ‘give it up,’ but they didn’t give me a chance. They just shot,” Lee said as he lay sedated in his Ryder Trauma Center bed with bandages covering his abdomen, left arm and left hand. Lee was set upon as he got out of his car at the Royal Coast apartment complex where he lives shortly after midnight Tuesday morning. Lee said the bandits gave him no opportunity to comply with their demands before two of them started shooting. . . Lee, a father of four and a supervisor at Sam’s Club where he has worked for ten years, got a permit to carry a concealed weapon several years ago. “It’s rough out there. You never know. So I decided to get my concealed weapon permit, hoping I’d never have to use it.” . . . “If I hadn’t had my gun on me, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now,” Lee said. “They would have finished me off.”

My thanks to Anthony for letting me know about this self defense gun use video clip.

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  • Cory

    Good for Mr. Lee. He has the right to be safe getting out of his car. If these criminals want to bring a fight to him, he (and anyone else for that matter) is within their full right to fight back and shoot them. It's a shame they got the drop on him and put Mr. Lee in a hospital bed. Yet, a win is still a win, even if the other team scores.

  • http://learnaboutguns.com Leroy

    I'm glad Mr. Lee survived and is alive to tell his story. Good thing he was armed. I hope the authorities catch the thugs who assaulted him. If the thugs try to rob someone else, maybe they won't be so lucky.