Armed Tattoo Shop Owner Stops 3 Armed Robbers

Published by the Author on June 17, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Armed Tattoo Shop Owner Stops 3 Armed Robbers

As reported, the owner of a tattoo parlor reportedly used his handgun to fend off three armed robbers:

Police say that at about 6pm, a trio of armed robbers entered the West End Tattoo parlor in Atlanta, Georgia, and threatened the owner as part of a robbery attempt.  The owner, fearing for his safety, reportedly grabbed his self defense handgun and fired at his attackers, fatally wounding one and sending the others fleeing.  Police are seeking the two surviving suspects, and believe that one of the suspect may have been wounded.  No injuries to the tattoo shop owner, customers, or bystanders were reported.

Armed robberies are a deadly threat for the employees and patrons of a business.  Had this business owner been unarmed, he could have ended up seriously harmed – like this deli owner, this bakery worker, this man, or this woman, as criminals often harm even those victims who fully cooperate.  The same is often true for those robbery victims who try to run away, as this man sadly learned.  Luckily, this business owner was armed, and as a result was able to defend himself against this violent robbery attempt. As this and countless other cases demonstrate, armed self defense works.

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