Armed Homeowner Stops a Violent Copper Thief

Published by the Author on November 14, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Armed Homeowner Stops a Violent Copper Thief

As reported, a man used his gun to stop a would-be copper thief who became violent:

Police say that a 61 year old man, whose house was damaged by Hurricane Katrina, was inside his FEMA-issued trailer near his New Orleans house when he heard someone breaking into the remains of his flood-damaged house.  The man stepped outside the trailer to investigate, and ordered the intruder to freeze, according to news reports.  Rather then complying, the intruder is said to have grabbed a nearby 2×4 and charged towards the homeowner, while swinging the piece of wood.  Fearing for his safety, the homeowner reportedly fired his handgun in self defense, striking the intruder in the leg and ending the attack.  Police reportedly arrived to apprehend a 41 year old suspect, and no injuries to the homeowner were reported.

It is sad enough that this citizen’s home was rendered uninhabitable by Hurricane Katrina.  To have a criminal break in and try to take what little remains – and become violent in the process – simply adds insult to injury.  Luckily, this homeowner was wise enough to keep a self defense gun on hand, and as a result was able to defend himself against this unprovoked violence.  Once again, as the statistics and real life examples demonstrate, armed self defense works.

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  • Dudejo

    some people make fun of those who get a weapon in case that society fails and anarchy reigns.

    well, Hurricane Katrina was exactly that.