Gallup Poll Shows Support for Stricter Gun Control at Record Low for 2nd Year in a Row

Published by the Author on November 26, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Gallup Poll Shows Support for Stricter Gun Control at Record Low for 2nd Year in a Row

Last year, I mentioned how the 2009 Gallup’s annual Crime Poll showed record low support for stricter gun control laws. The same poll conducted this year broke that record, showing even lower support for stricter gun control:

Americans’ support for stricter gun control laws has gradually declined over the last two decades, from 78% when this question was first asked in 1990 to 49% in 2008, and 44% in 2009 and again this year. As support for stricter gun laws has decreased, support for keeping gun laws as they are now has increased, from 17% in 1990 to 42% now. The percentage of Americans favoring less strict gun control laws has remained relatively stable over the last 20 years, and is now at 12%.

Americans are also less likely to say there should be a law banning the possession of handguns except by the police and other authorized persons. The current 29% who favor such a law is within one percentage point of the low of 28% recorded last year, down from 60% when Gallup first asked this question in 1959 — the only time when a majority favored such a ban. Support has been below 40% every year since 1993.

Taken together with the tremendous increase in concealed carry rights in recent years, I would say that this good news indeed.  However, law abiding gun owners should not become complacent.  We still have an anti-gun president and well funded anti-gun groups who would like nothing more than to roll back the progress that we have made on the pro-gun-rights front.

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  • M Wright

    "If you outlaw guns, then only outlaws shall have guns"

    If any doubt the truth of the above statement, then you only have to visit British media sites to see for yourself;

    An example from today's Sun Online (27th November);

  • Eddy

    I think it is important to notice that this report says that a majority of women, minorities, and people with a post grad education want more gun control. I would guess that those groups' opinions are affected by having far less active shooters due to a lack of interest, money, or time. I imagine that many of them never have had a discussion of gun rights with a shooter, since they aren't really interested in discussing guns in the first place.

    • Herrbags

      I don't disagree with you on your points but I think it does farther than that. As far as the post graduate people go they are so far removed from real life they just can't comprehend why any one would want to be violent and they are extremely afraid of it.. To them guns are the cause of all violence, get rid of guns and everything will be just hunky dory. I can see why women hate guns. They blame all violence on guns and are tired of having their husbands and boy friends beating the crap out of them and then sticking a gun in their face to further intimidate them. Alcohol does not make alcoholics and guns do not make murders and pencils do not make novelists. People just don't want to face the fact that mankind is a bunch of unpredictable , dangerous and violent animals. It has been that way since the Cain Able event. Hiding from the truth and spouting gibberish to camouflage it will not change anything. I personally don;t think any one at any time should allowed to posses a gun except me.