Armed Wife Saves her Husband from a Pair of Violent Home Invaders

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As reported, a woman used a handgun to stop the violent intruder who had just shot her husband:

Police say that two robbers, whose faces may have been partially covered, kicked in the door of a home on the 200 block of Colonial Drive in Knoxville, TN.  One of the robbers is said to have shot and beaten the husband, at which point his wife retrieved their .357 magnum home defense handgun and fired, striking one of the suspects in the torso.  The injured suspect, reportedly identified as 24 year old Joshua Dexter Watson, died from his wounds, and the injured husband’s wounds were not life-threatening.  No injuries to the wife or the 4 year old boy who was present in the home were reported.  Police say that Watson had a criminal history that began before his 18th birthday, which included over a dozen charges such as robbery, theft, drug possession, and evading arrest.

Yet again we have another woman who was able to stop a criminal by using a gun.  Had this woman not been armed, it is rather unlikely that she could have stopped one home invading man – much less two, especially after her husband had been shot.  Instead, she could have ended up like this woman or this woman; victimized in her own home.  The sexist people who suggest that women can’t defend themselves with guns really should take note of this and similar self defense cases that happen every day.  They should also remember that without guns, they physically stronger criminal will prevail, and as a matter of biology and/or cultural norms, few women have the physical ability to fight off a male attacker with their bare hands.

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Luckily, this woman was armed, and as a result managed to save herself, her husband, and a small child from two violent intruders.

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