Armed Store Manager Fatally Shoots an Armed Robber

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As reported, the manager of a convenience store used his gun to stop an armed robber:

Police say that a robber entered the Leal Food Mart on the 2100 block of Leal Street in San Antonio, TX during the night shift, while wearing a black wrap over his face to hide his identity.  After the robber displayed a handgun and pointed it at the manager and a female employee, the manager reportedly told the employee to run while he grabbed and fired his own .380 pistol.  The robber was struck in the head, and the manager and employee were unharmed, police say.  A suspect, reportedly identified as 28 year old Christopher Jaramillo, died from his wound, according to news reports.  The manager reportedly acquired his concealed carry permit about 6 months ago, and began carrying at work after an earlier robbery ended with the robber firing a shot in the store and pistol whipping a clerk.

In an ideal world, there would be no crime.  In a slightly less ideal world, the police would be able to intervene during every crime, and stop the criminal before an innocent citizen is harmed.  Sadly, we live in neither of those hypothetical world.  Instead, we live in a world where crime is all too common, and unarmed citizens can suffer greatly when a crime occurs.  The countless cases like this are why I support gun rights and encourage all law abiding citizens to be armed for self defense whenever possible.

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