Armed Deli Owner Saves Wife from Violent Armed Robber

Published by the Author on February 13, 2013 at 1:01 am > Gun Related News > Armed Deli Owner Saves Wife from Violent Armed Robber

As reported, a deli owner in Philadelphia used his gun to stop an armed robber who was shooting at his wife during a robbery.

Police say that a 19 year old armed robber entered Anna’s Deli, which is on the 4400 block of Princeton Avenue, pointed a gun at the owner’s wife, and fired two shot.  The owner is said to have grabbed his own gun and fired at the robber, striking him in the chest and ending the robbery attempt.  A suspect was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene, and no injuries to the deli owner, his wife, or any bystanders were reported.

This deli robbery attempt ended much more favorably than another deli robbery in which the owner was unarmed.  Aside from saving his wife and himself, this deli owner also protected society as a whole, since the robber involved in this crime will never again harm another person.

Those who oppose armed self defense should also note the great many cases like this, where a law abiding citizen uses their gun for self defense in a busy area, and not one bystander is harmed. Remember, statistics show that armed citizens are less likely than the police to shoot the wrong person, not to mention the other benefits that armed citizens convey upon innocent members of society.

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