Armed Miami Man Shoots Violent Robber in Self Defense

Published by the Author on March 12, 2013 at 1:46 am > Gun Related News > Armed Miami Man Shoots Violent Robber in Self Defense

As reported, a Miami, Florida man used his gun to stop a violent armed robber.

Police say that an armed robber approached a man outside of an apartment complex on the 7000 block of NW 15th Avenue at about 7:30pm, and demanded the man’s property.  The armed robber is said to have shot the man in the hand after making that demand, at which point the man drew his own gun and shot the robber multiple times, according to police.  The suspect was taken to a nearby hospital where he died of his wounds.

 Here is yet another example of armed self defense saving a crime victim.  Here, as is often the case, a robber will preemptively harm their victim.  Although it is not always possible to avoid that initial harm, being armed can mean the difference between swiftly stopping the robber, or having the robber complete their crime with even more violence after the fact.  Because this citizen was armed, he was able to prevent the robber from inflicting any further harm – either then or ever again.

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