Concealed Carry Permit Holder Stops 4 Violent Attackers

Published by the Author on February 6, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Concealed Carry Permit Holder Stops 4 Violent Attackers

As reported, a Buckeye, Arizona man used his handgun to stop 4 attackers who were beating him with a baseball bat.

Police say that the concealed carry permit holder was in a parking lot near 195th Avenue and Indian School Road when 4 males in their late teens or early twenties approached him and attacked with a baseball bat.  After being hit several times in the head and arms, the concealed carry permit holder is said to have drawn and fired his handgun, striking one of the attackers and causing all four of them to flee.  Police are seeking the suspects, and the concealed carry permit holder was treated on the scene for minor injuries.

Here we have yet another concealed carry permit holder who was saved by their gun.  Had this crime victim not had a gun for self defense, he could have been beaten to death by those 4 attackers and their baseball bat.  Luckily, he was armed, and as a result managed to escape with only minor injuries.

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  • JD

    No contest. This article affirms that personel Concealed carry saves lives many times over.

  • Cory

    Self defense works, in all but the most impossible to escape situations. Defense with a firearm leveled the playing field; here We have 4 on 1. They did not need a bat, they could have killed him barehanded. But the fact that they brought the bat just makes the attackers that much more culpable for getting themselves shot at. A vicious prosecutor may have tried to say the defender used excessive force if the 4 had simply used their knuckles, but because they attacked him with a baseball bat, his position as the victim is clear. I think it may have worked in his favor, ironically, even if it meant taking a few bruises. Sad thing, over here in Illinois, that could have played out with a much more grim outcome since the only way to carry here is to break the law.

  • Alex

    This story has all the earmarks of an urban legend. No checkable facts given. Of course it's not the first time you gun huggers have invented a story to make your gruesome fetish seem necessary.