Iowa Residents: Urge Your State Legislators to Improve Concealed Carry Rights!

Published by the Author on February 5, 2010 at 12:01 pm > Gun Related News > Iowa Residents: Urge Your State Legislators to Improve Concealed Carry Rights!

Below is a press release from the NRA, regarding an important pending bill that would make Iowa a “shall issue” concealed carry state.  If you live in Iowa, please contact your representatives and urge them to support this bill.

On Wednesday, February 3, HF 2255 was introduced in the Iowa General Assembly with 44 bipartisan co-sponsors. HF 2255 would change Iowa from a “May-Issue” state to a “Shall-Issue” state and require law enforcement to issue a Permit to Carry a concealed weapon to all applicants who are not subject to narrowly-drawn disqualifiers. This pro-gun legislation would also:

* Increase from 1-year to 5-years the validity of a carry permit;
* Narrow the disqualifying circumstances for a permit to the federal minimum in most cases, while further narrowing state-specific disqualifiers;
* Ensure that denials, suspensions, and revocations of permits would be subject to both administrative and judicial review;
* Protect personally-identifying information in permit applications from public disclosure;
* Allow Iowa to enter reciprocity agreements with other states for recognition of each other’s permits;
* Broaden the types of training that would fulfil the state-mandated training requirement for permit applicants;

HF 2255 has been referred to the Committee on Public Safety for its first consideration. A hearing date has not yet been scheduled.

It is important that you contact your legislators today and respectfully urge them to support HF 2255. To find contact information for your legislator please click here. Please continue to check your email and for further updates on HF 2255.

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