Armed Cincinnati Convenience Store Owner uses Her Gun To Stop an Armed Robber

Published by the Author on January 27, 2019 at 12:10 pm > Gun Related News > Armed Cincinnati Convenience Store Owner uses Her Gun To Stop an Armed Robber

A 63 year old woman used her gun to save herself during an armed robbery.

News reports say that at about 4:30pm, an armed robber entered the store on Glenway Avenue, put a gun to the owner’s head, and demanded money.  The owner drew her own gun and fatally shot the robber.  No injuries to the owner or any customers were reported.

Anti-gun people will often argue that a person who is ambushed by an armed criminal will not be able to effectively defend themselves since the criminal has the element of surprise.  As this case shows, armed citizens can and do effectively defend themselves even when caught off guard by a criminal.

Also, note that this is by no means an isolated incident.  For example, this armed student saved himself and 9 friends from near certain death at the hands of 2 gunmen, who already had their guns drawn.  This home owner was being held at knife-point by a home invading robber, but managed to get his gun and fire in self defense.  This armed woman was ambushed by multiple armed home invaders, but managed to go get her gun and then defend her family.  This home invasion and kidnapping victim managed to break free from his attacker, grab his self defense gun, and fatally shoot that attacker in self defense.  Indeed, many of the self defense stories that I’ve discussed involve citizens who started out at a disadvantage, relative to the criminals who attacked them, yet managed to successfully defend themselves.

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