Armed Homeowner Fatally Shoots 2 Masked Home Invaders

Published by the Author on February 10, 2019 at 4:13 pm > Gun Related News > Armed Homeowner Fatally Shoots 2 Masked Home Invaders

A Brevard County, Florida homeowner reportedly used his gun to stop a pair of masked home invaders.

News reports say that shortly after midnight, two home invaders who were wearing masks broke into a house in the North Titusville/Mims area of Brevard County, Florida.  The homeowner is said to have shot both intruders.  According to news reports, one of the home invaders died at the scene, while the second died at the hospital.  No injuries to the homeowner were reported, and deputies described the shooting as “justified.”

As I have said before, hHome invasion robberies are a deadly threat to homeowners and anyone else who happens to be inside the home.  Residents may be torturedseriously harmed, and even killed by criminals – even they fully cooperate with the criminals’ demands.

Rather than being left at the (non-existent) mercy of criminals, armed citizens are in the best position possible to defend themselves.  Here, a homeowner managed to stop a home invasion.  By doing so, he protected himself and every other person who would have been a future victim of those masked intruders.

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