LaserMax Laser Sight System for Pistols Review

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LaserMax makes a laser sight system for most pistols. What is different about LaserMax is where the laser is located, and I have found this difference to be a great thing. Below is my review of the LaserMax weapon sight system.

Lasermax Laser sight system

Unlike most laser sights which attach to the accessory rail underneath the gun, the LaserMax system replaces the factory recoil spring and rod. This means that the LaserMax laser sight does not make the gun bulkier or significantly change its center of gravity. This means that your gun will fit into your holster just like any other gun. Another benefit of this arrangement is that it keeps the laser close to the barrel, which means the accuracy of the laser sight is higher, and the laser system itself is protected by the frame of the gun. The on/off switch is located on the take down lever, and pushing the switch in (from either side) is all that is needed to turn on the laser. Since your index finger should be held along the side of the handgun (over the take down lever) until you are ready to shoot, you can easily turn on the laser without changing your grip on the gun. Best of all, at least in my opinion, is the fact that the LaserMax system does not need aligning. I have used accessory rail mounted lasers in the past, and they tended to need frequent realignment, which was inconvenient even know I had a laser bore sighter to make the process easier. Worse yet, in a self defense gun, an inaccurately aligned laser can be a serious safety problem. This permanent, perfect alignment by itself would be enough to convince me to buy the LaserMax.

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Summary of the Benefits of LaserMax laser sights, compared to laser sights which mount on the gun’s accessory rail:
• Compatible with all holsters and rail lights (Glock, SureFire, Insight, Springfield, etc.)
• Designed to avoid accidental discharge.
• More accurate since the laser and barrel are closer together.
• Deliberate on/off activation – no need to alter the way you grip your gun .
• Minimal vertical offset between barrel and laser beam.
• Pulsating beam is scientifically proven to increase visibility.
• Reliable for tens of thousands of rounds.
• User installed in minutes by field stripping – no gun smithing needed, & can be removed at anytime.
• Uses standard watch batteries.
• Sighted in at the factory – stays aligned, period.

For anyone considering a laser sight for this pistol, I would recommend the LaserMax without reservations. It costs a bit more than the CrimsonTrace laser grips or a rail mounted laser, but I think the premium in price is well worth it.

Also, my review of the CrimsonTrace laser grip can be seen here.

The LaserMax Laser Sight can be purchased online here.

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  • mke

    Hi, What an awesome review of the crimson trace and lasermax lasers! I've been debating which one to go for and decided on the lasermax,with much help from your review.I do have 1 question..with the laser so close to the muzzle,does the lasermax need frequent cleaning? thanks again and keep up hte great work-



    I haven't had problems with the lasermax needed excessive cleaning. I tend to clean my guns every time I fire them, so they don't really get a chance to become dirty…

  • Joshua

    I was looking into purchasing a Glock 22 and getting a lasermax laser sight system also. I was curious since you have to remove the factory recoil spring and rod, if that takes anything away?



    I haven't heard of any problems associated with switching to the Lasermax recoil spring.

  • David

    I purchased a Lasermax rail mount for my CZ PO1 and it got out of alignment after shooting 50 rounds. It would not realign. Lasermax repaired it and the same thing happened. They sent me a new one and it also had the same problem. They are in the process of sending me another new one. They are at a loss to why this is happening. I will say they have been excellent about trying to resolve this issue and said they will refund my money if the problem isn't corrected.

    • Craig

      I had similar problems with my lasermax internal laser sight. After 3 rounds the lens came loose inside and I sent it back to them and they replaced it. I also sent my gun in to get it calibrated since it came nowhere near the 2 inch margin they advertised. Got it back and about 100 rds later it did same thing. When i wrote a review on their site it somehow got erased. Wow imagine that.

  • HRPufnstuf

    I've had FOUR Lasemax products: three for my 1911, one for my Glock. ALL of them broke. Lasermax won't refund my money.

  • Doug

    I bought a Lasermax Uni-Max Micro from Midway. Their site said 3 yr. warranty. Lasermax site said 3 yr. warranty. When it arrived the paperwork said 1 yr warranty. I called Lasermax and they said not it's a 1 yr warranty with no answer on the false advertisement.
    I called Midway and they are going to cover the extra 2 yrs that Lasermax won't. Excellent customer care by Midway.

    As far as Lasermax goes I'll NEVER buy another one of their products if this is how they do business.
    I should have stuck with Arma-Laser 5 yr. warranty and upgrades available on a new system.