Shooting is a Great Sport for Everyone – Even those with Disabilities

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Shooting is a great sport for everyone.  I say that not just because it is fun, but because it does not have to have the same physical requirements as many other sports.  This allows a lot of people to participate and excel at shooting, even if they could not do the same in other sports.  Shooting is also great for the most physically fit among us, who are seeking a new challenge.

Basketball, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, and tennis all tend to require speed, coordination, and other physical attributes that not everyone has.  Whether these attributes are lacked due to injury, illness, or just due to how the person was born, the effect is that competing in these sports is generally not a viable option.  I say generally because there are wheelchair basketball leagues, and similar leagues for other sports, but it is difficult if not impossible to find and join such leagues in many parts of the country.

Shooting is different.  Target shooting as a sport can be done by those in a wheel chair.  You don’t need legs for target shooting, nor do you need physical endurance.  Those who can only lift a few pounds of weight can fire a bipod mounted .22 caliber target pistol.  Amputees can shoot, so long as they have at least one hand, and some people have found ways around this requirement too.  Given the willingness of criminals seeking easy targets to attack the disabled, having a gun can be especially important

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Shooting is also a challenging sport for the most physically fit among us.  Effectively handling the recoil from some large caliber rifles, such as the .478 Weatherby magnum, is beyond the ability of most people, but makes a great goal to work toward.  There are tactical handgun/shotgun courses available at many local gun ranges that place an emphasis on running, shooting, and completing the course in a short amount of time.  Hunting can also be very physically demanding.

In short, no matter your age or physical abilities, shooting can be a great sport for you.

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