Anti Gun Groups Try Fear Tactics

As the Daily Herald reports, well funded anti-gun groups in Illinois are trying fear tactics to retaliate against a state law maker who didn’t jump on their anti-gun bandwagon.

A distasteful mailing was recently sent to the women in [Illinois state legislator] Sandy Cole’s 62nd Legislative District by a well funded and powerful lobbying group.

The piece tried to inflame the emotions by showing a picture of a group of school children with a target and a handgun super-imposed over their heads.

This fear mongering mailing didn’t discuss the pointless and redundant gun control legislation that Sandy Cole voted against.  It didn’t discuss that fact that the worst shooting in our nation’s history have happened in gun free zones.  There was no mention of the evidence that two decades of gun control hasn’t worked.  Instead, the mailing showed an image of children and guns, calculated to scare uniformed voters and distract them from the facts.  Sadly, scare tactics are nothing new for the anti-gun lobby.  I certainly hope that Illinois’ voters will see past this fear mongering.