Anti-Gun Kansas Govenor Defies Will of Citizens and Legislature

Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas announced her refusal to sign Kansas House Bill 2359 into law.  This bill would strengthen the right of the citizens to keep and bear arms for self defense.

The governor acknowledged that that her veto would almost certainly be overridden.  This is due to the the strong, nearly unanimous, bipartisan support in the legislature, and strong support by the people of Kansas.  Rather than listening to her citizens and the legislature, she has unilaterally decided to override their will.  More information can be seen here.

Thankfully, Governor Kathleen Sebelius’s veto will likely be overridden.  It is interesting to note that many gun control advocates will argue that “the people want gun control,” but then act unilaterally to force gun control on people who clearly don’t want it.