4th Grader Suspended for Bringing Memorial Day Souvenir to School

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on May 31, 2008 at 3:19 pm
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As the NRA reports, Massachusetts fourth-grader Bradley Geslak was suspended from Toy Town Elementary School for bringing a Memorial Day souvenir to school.

In short, a 10 year old boy was given a harmless piece of brass by a veteran of the US military, during an official Memorial Day celebration. He brought this completely inert, non-dangerous piece of brass to school, and has now been suspended due to a “zero tolerance” policy. Bradley’s cherished souvenir was also taken and will not be returned to him. This is simply wrong on the part of the school.

An empty shell casing has no explosive, no gun powder, no primer, no bullet, and no other dangerous aspects. A pencil is more dangerous. A pen is more dangerous. Indeed, a fingernail is more dangerous. But, due to this “zero tolerance” policy, Bradley Geslak now has a suspension on his record, and his mother was forced to miss work to stay at home with him during the suspension.

If you’d like to express your concern over this unconscionable punishment of a child who has done nothing wrong, the contact information for the school superintendent can be seen below:

Brooke Clenchy, Superintendent of Schools
175 Grove Street
Winchendon, Massachusetts 01475
Phone: 978.297.0031


  • Lloyd Booth

    This example is a clear illustration of where a society had not yet figured out how to harmonize, teach, train, and educate their youth. Toy Town Elementary School lost the most important moment in time of Bradley Geslak's development. Here the administrators had the opportunity to properly educate him, but rather than taking the time to do so, they decided to inflict harm in his future development. Here is a prime incident where a society (of so called civilized people) found it easier, and probably more self-satisfying to punish Bradley than it was to properly educate him.

  • hicus

    This is just more weirdness of political the correctness group. This is the same bunch that thinks every body is created equal and why can't we all just get along. If they are correct we don't need guns just smiley faces.