Sign a Petition to Help End Unlawful FOID Card Issuance Delays

Published by the Author on October 29, 2008 at 12:29 am > Help Protect Our Gun Rights > Sign a Petition to Help End Unlawful FOID Card Issuance Delays

As I’ve previously discussed, residents of Illinois who wish to own a gun need to first get a Firearms Owner Identification Card (FOID).  The law requires that the FOID be issued within 30 days, however the Illinois State Police have been breaking the law by taking longer than 30 days to issue FOID cards.  In this discussion forum thread, more people have reported these wrongful delays that can stretch for weeks or even months.  I also see at least a dozen people arrive at this site each day after searching for terms such as “where is my foid card” and “foid card status”.  I’ve started a petition to help end this wrongdoing on the part of the Illinois State Police:

The petition can be seen signed at the following URL:

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  • AH

    FYI I applied for the FOID by mail and received the card less than 3 weeks later.

  • travis

    i am a member of the united states army and was denied a foid card but im issued weapons regularly at my armory that well exceed anything you can buy with a foid card. figure that out.

  • donald dyer

    its our second ammendment right and we need to fight for it

  • adam

    I was in the army for four years and have been in the guard for 2. This weekend i have a drill where i will be issued a fully automatic weapon. So why is it so hard for them to give me my foid card? If i was a nut job out to shoot people i have access to way better guns than i could ever by at the gun store.


    over a month and i still havent seen mine…

  • Nate

    7 weeks today still nothing. They were quick to cash my check 3 days after it was dropped in the mailbox tho.

  • Junior

    I've had a FOID card for 22 years. After a misdemeanor conviction in 07 the State Police denied my renewal because I was on probation for a misdemeanor (non-violent) conviction. When I completed the court case and it was closed. I applied again and was denied because of the 07 misdemeanor conviction. In the mean time I passed to Federal Homeland Security background checks and was issued a federal ID. But the Illinois State Police have twice denied my application and kept my application fees.

    Who can I report this to? They are denying me of my constitutional right to bear arms. I have never been convicted of a felony or any violent crimes.

    • Mike

      Take it to civil court with a good lawyer and get a court order from a judge demanding the State police to give you your Foid card. Good luck!

  • learnaboutguns

    Earlier today, the petition to End Unlawful Illinois FOID Card Delays received its 1,000th signature. Unfortunately, that is reflection of the fact that the FOID delays continue.

  • Guest

    I have been waiting for my FOID card renwal since November of 2012. I did forget to provide my drivers license number on my renewal application and recieved notice abut 30 days later that I needed to provide this information and resubmit my renewal application. I corrected my error and sent the application back to the State Police in late December of 2012. My personal check for the application fee of $10 was then cashed on January 15, 2013. As of today, I still have not recieved my FOID card renewal and turkey hunting season is fast approaching. Just today, I sent an email to the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau by going on-line and completing the email notification form asking about the status of my FOID card renewal. I have heard from several other people in the State of Illinois that are experiencing similar delays. FYI, 2013 was the #1 year for FOID card applications in Illinois with 338,614. Both Jan & Feb of 2013 have been #1 record months for applications dating back to 2006, according to IL State Police published information. Patience is a virtue and God Bless America.

  • Ihatespam

    I wanted to let this board know, and particularly the guest that posted about delays on 03/21/13, that he’s probably going to be waiting much longer. I submitted my application Dec 14, 2012. The check was cashed Jan 10, 2013. I have never heard anything on my application at all. I have twice used the ISP-FOID “Contact Us” page that the guest used and have had no reply. I have tried to call the listed number, twice, neither call was answered. The sad part is that I am an Illinois State Employee myself and personally view no response to my two emails and cashing my check as potential violation of Illinois State Ethics Guidelines. If I did the same to clients that I encounter in my work I could not only be terminated but potentially prosecuted and/or sued. I would be more than happy to allow the FOID Division as much time as they need to process my application, but no response at all leaves me wondering if my card was already issued and mailed but was either lost or stolen in transit. Right now I have no way of knowing. After all, how long does it take to click “reply” on an email and type “Still processing,” then click send? I’ll give them 90 days from when the check was cashed (Apr 10, 2013) and then I will explore other avenues to determine if my card was lost or stolen. Perhaps an inquiry through the Illinois OEIG could prove helpful. I really hope they take some positive steps to address this delay problem soon as it is truly embarrassing to other state workers.