Bill Dwyer’s Comments on and Gun Rights

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About once a week, I discuss the gun related crime in Oak Park, IL, which is one of the few municipalities that still has a handgun ban.  I get most of the crime reports from the Wednesday Journal, one of Oak Park’s local newspapers.  Bill Dwyer writes the Wednesday Journal’s crime reports, and he doesn’t seem to be a fan of gun rights (or this website).  He recently left this comment, which I replied to here.

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  • Brad

    I thought your response was great. I often find myself wondering about what one of these people would do if their family were in the situation they seem to think can’t happen to them.

    On New Years Eve someone tried to break into my neighbors house. They were unsuccessful but had they succeeded they would have had 10 minutes to do whatever they were willing to do since that is how long it took the cops to arrive.

    This issue alone makes me even more convinced that I cannot leave the protection of my family to the police. As good a job as they do, it simply isn’t enough when you have an angry motivated criminal who doesn’t care about the law.

    I enjoy this blog very much. It has become a daily read for me. Thanks!