Yet Another Anti Gun Mayor Arrested

Published by the Author on January 16, 2009 at 2:26 pm > Gun Related News > Yet Another Anti Gun Mayor Arrested

Gary Becker, the mayor of Racine, WI is a member of the anti gun rights group “Mayors Against Illegal Guns.”  The 51 year old married man, who is a father of two children, was arrested for allegedly trying to meet an underage girl for sex. An Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force member is said to have posed online as a minor, and caught Becker in a sting operation.  Becker was arrested at a mall, where he allegedly though he was meeting the young girl in person. It also appears that Mayor Becker had been under a separate investigation since before Christmas – when a city employee who fixed his computer was said to have found what could be child pornography, and turned it over to the police.

Based on a statement from the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, Mayor Gary Becker could face at least six charges, including child enticement, possession of child pornography, attempted second-degree sexual assault of a child and misconduct in public office. Becker was booked into the Kenosha County, WI Jail on Tuesday evening and then released after a relative posted his $165,000 bail.

This is not a good week for these anti gun rights mayors.  Earlier this week, Mayor Sheila Dixon of Baltimore was indicted on corruption related charges.  Overall, this now makes 7 such anti gun mayors who have been arrested. Perhaps these mayors should focus on conducting themselves in a lawful manner, rather than finding ways to infringe the gun ownership rights of law abiding citizens?

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  • AH

    This is a cheap shot. These arrests are not related to the stance on gun control.



    No one said that their arrests were related to their anti gun stance. Instead, the point is that these politicians are trying to take away the gun rights of law abiding citizens, while simultaneously breaking the law themselves. It is quite hypocritical for them to persecute law abiding gun owners, while they are out committing felonies themselves – and I see no "cheap shot" in pointing out that fact.

  • AH

    Some sex offenders own guns. If the newspaper reported "Yet another gun owner arrested on sex offense charges" it would be a cheap shot.

    For examples of hypocrisy, see Alderman Mell (writes gun ordinance but, when it ensnares his firearms, exempts himself with supplemental amnesty) or Rosie O'Donnell (staunch gun control advocate — but hires an armed bodyguard).


    AH: That analogy of yours doesn't quite fit. Your hypothetical newspaper headline "Yet another gun owner arrested on sex offense charges” would insinuate that gun owners tend to be sex offenders. My discussion of these anti gun mayors who are criminals focuses on the hypocrisy that I explained in comment #3. That hypothetical sex offender and gun owner you mention isn't a mayor or other member of the government, so there is no such hypocrisy (and hypocrisy is my whole point here).

    We will agree on Alderman Mell (… ) and Rosie O’Donnell.

  • Cemetery’s Gun Blob

    Jersey in the House!

    We’ve got TWO Mayor’s on that list. I wonder if NJ can make three this year.

  • Mike

    It never ceases to amaze me that these anti-gun people that complain so much about guns are usually the ones caught up in the worst corruption cases. Makes you wonder that may be another reason they protest so much about gun's is to keep people's attention away from the real truth. Which is they are all liars and criminals in the first place.