The Onion on Hollow Point Bullets

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One of my favorite websites is The Onion – a satirical “news” website/newspaper.  Unfortunately their latest video clip is something that I don’t find to be quite as funny as the rest of their work:

Manufacturer Recalls Hollow Point Bullets That Fail To Explode Inside Targets

In the video clip above, The Onion asserts that hollow point bullets exist to maim and cause suffering, and portrays gun owners as blood thirsty people who enjoy inflicting suffering upon innocent people.  The fact is that hollow points allow for a bullet that is better able to stop a violent attacker before they can kill their victim, and a bullet that is less likely to overpenetrate and injure an innocent bystander.  When hunting, hollow point bullets allow for a cleaner kill with less suffering for the animal, which is why many states not only allow but require that hollow point bullets be used by hunters.

Given the satirical nature of The Onion, I’m not really displeased with this video clip, and did get a good laugh from it.  My only concern is that uninformed people will not know how to separate the humor from the facts, leading to bans on hollow point bullets (as the state of New Jersey has).

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  • Danny

    Don’t worry. Any idiot stupid enough to cite The Onion on hollow points will be laughed off the interwebs.

  • Anders

    Never take your self so serious that you can't laugh of your self.

    -WARNING- some language may not be appropriate for all viewers.

    Sexual predators and people that live with there mothers into there thirties.

    I wounder if Sony take this serious

  • James F.

    As a former police officer (not in NJ) I can assure you, in the spirit of the Onion, that all criminals bent on violent crime and carrying stolen firearms will certainly obey any prohibition against a certain sort of ammunition.

    Such fine laws as in New Jersey will naturally make the streets safer. It's for the children, after all. And we must learn to trust our somewhat violent criminal class a bit more!