Armed Taco Restaurant Manager Stops Armed Robbery Attempt

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As reported, an employee of the Taco Mac restaurant in Atlanta, GA was taking out the trash when a criminal approached him, threatened his life with a handgun, and force him back into the restaurant.  The manager saw what was going on, and fired 3 shots at the robber.  The robber fled, and no employees or customers were injured.  The police recovered the robber’s car, which had blood on the interior.  The police seem hopeful that this evidence will make it easier to locate the suspect and convict him of the robbery attempt.

Armed robberies are a deadly threat for the employees and patrons of a business.  Had this manager been unarmed, he, his employees, and the customers might have ended up shot like this deli owner, this bakery worker, this man, or this woman, as criminals often shoot even those victims who cooperate fully.  Attempting to run away often leaves a robbery victim shot as well, as this man learned.

Luckily, this resturant manager was armed, and was able to defend everyone from the violent criminal.  As a result, the employee, the manager, and the customers will all go home unharmed.  The criminal, on the other hand, appears to have been injured and will likely be caught and convicted based upon DNA evidence.  Putting the criminal behind bars will likely save many other people from the deadly threat of an armed robbery, since such criminals tend to commit such crimes over and over again.

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Finally, I would like to note that this self defense shooting, like the overwhelming majority of self defense shootings, did not result in any innocent bystanders being harmed.  Anti gun people like to suggest that self defense gun uses result in wild west shootouts, leaving innocent people injured or killed.  That is just not reality, plain and simple.  The fact is that such cases of bystander injury are quite rare, and armed citizens have been shown to be 5.5 times less likely to shoot the wrong person than the police.  In fact, it is often the police who abuse their firepower – not lawfully armed citizens.

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