Baseball Bat Wielding Home Invader Shot in Self Defense

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As reported, an 18 year old man armed himself with an aluminum baseball bat went to an apartment in Fort Worth, looking for a person that he didn’t like.  The bat wielding man pounded on the patio door, and ordered the would-be victim to come out.  The would-be victim’s roommate opened a door to see what was going on, and the bat-toting man forced his way inside the apartment, advancing on the man whom he dislike.  The would-be victim fired his shotgun in self defense, fatally wounding the attacker.  Neither the would-be victim nor his roommate were harmed.

Here we have yet another case where gun ownership has allowed a person to defend themselves against a violent attacker.  Anti gun groups like to suggest that if guns were banned, then violent crime and murder would vanish.  The fact is that criminals can commit their crimes with just about any tool, and that murder has been happening since long before the invention of firearms.  Had there been no gun in this situation, the violent home invader may very well have murdered this man (and the roommate who would have been a witness).

This self defense situation also shows that the police are no replacement for self defense.  Here, as happens all to often, the criminal is able to attack the victim in seconds, while the police will take minutes at best (and sometimes hours) to respond.

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My thanks to Anders for pointing out this self defense case.

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