Armed Detroit Woman Fends Off Home Invaders

Published by the Author on May 18, 2009 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Armed Detroit Woman Fends Off Home Invaders

As reported, a man noticed that his neighbor’s home was being broken in to by a trio of criminals at 5AM.  The man called the home owner’s cell phone to warn him of the impending home invasion.  The home owner was not at home, however his wife was, and so he in turn called his wife to warn her.  She grabbed a gun, and opened fire on the criminals as they climbed the stairs, missing but causing them to flee.  The woman was unharmed, and police are searching for the home invaders.

This is yet another self defense gun use where no criminal died, and no criminal was even shot.  Anti gun individuals like to call this a failure, since the armed citizen did not wound or kill the criminal.  In fact, this is a success story, since the woman was able to use the gun to stop the criminals’ attack, which is the goal of self defense.  Whether the criminal is wounded, killed, or just scared off, when the law abiding citizen is saved we have yet another example of successful armed self defense.

This self defense gun use also shows the need for large magazines, not just the 10 (or sometimes 3) round limit imposed by bans on so-called assault weapons.  Here, the woman fired multiple shots but did not hit the criminals even once.  Had the 3 criminals decided to continue the home invasion, instead of fleeing, she would have needed to fire more shots to effectively defend herself.  In such a situation, having that 11th, 12th, or 16th bullet can be the difference between life or death – especially when facing multiple home invaders.

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