Nashville Man Shoots Home Invader in Self Defense

Published by the Author on September 2, 2009 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Nashville Man Shoots Home Invader in Self Defense

As reported, a Nashville, TN man used his gun to fend off two robbers who broke into his home Saturday night.  Police say that two robbers broke in to the man’s home on Lindy Murff Ct.  The homeowner grabbed his self defense gun and shot one of the home invaders in the chest.  Both criminals then fled to a nearby gas station, and tried to claim that they were themselves the victims of a robbery.  The wounded criminal was taken to a local hospital, and is expected to survive and face charges.  The unwounded criminal has been arrested.  The homeowner was unharmed.

Once again, we have a situation where violent criminals decided to break into the home of an innocent person, because they cared more about making an easy dollar than the safety and wellbeing of the home owner.  Luckily, this man had a self defense gun, and was able to use it to put an end to the home invasion, saving himself from the deadly threat these two criminals posed.  Nashville also owes this home invader a debt of gratitude, since he has ensured that two home invading criminals will be prosecuted and taken off the streets.

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