Holiday Gift Ideas

Published by the Author on December 22, 2008 at 4:11 pm > Gun Related News > Holiday Gift Ideas

A couple of gift ideas for this holiday season:

1.  A Gun.  I’ve seen some people deride the idea of giving a gun as a gift, but I see no problem with giving a responsible person such a gift.  A gift of a gun is the gift of safety, as armed citizens can defend themselves from rapists and home invaders.  When a criminal is breaking in, and the police are 48 minutes away, a gun will be appreciated much more than a sweater, DVD player, or gift certificate.  Leaving aside self defense scenarios, target practice is a great hobby that the recipient can enjoy for years to come.

2. An NRA Membership. Give the gift that helps protect our gun rights too.  Or, if the recipient is already an NRA member, give a membership to Gun Owners of America, or another pro gun rights group.

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  • Danny

    I’d be happy with a couple of snubby speedloaders. :)

  • Anders

    My wife bought me a Ruger MKIII for my birthday a few years ago. The best present I have ever received.
    Last Christmas I bought her a Springfield 1911.

    We still haven’t shoot each other over domestic issues, I deserved it last night.