74 Year Old Home Owner Shoots and Cuts 2 Violent Home Invaders in Self Defense

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on September 14, 2009 at 12:01 pm
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As reported, a 74 year old Lewes, Delaware home owner, whose name has not been released, returned to his home on the 19000 block of Bee Jay Ln to find an unexpected vehicle near his driveway.  The home owner also noticed that the front door to his home had been kicked in, and that the side door was open. Two home invaders approached the home owner at the side door to his house, and tried to explain their presence on his property by saying they were “looking to purchase a dump truck.”  The home owner then asked the two home invaders to leave his property, but they refused and advanced on him.  One of the home invaders grabbed a landscaping tool, and threatened the home owner’s life.  At this point the 74 year old home owner grabbed a machete that was next to the door and cut the home invader several times in the arm and hand.  Undeterred, both home invaders continued to advance on the home owner, at which point he drew his .25 caliber pistol and shot the other home invader in the abdomen.  Both home invaders then fled.  One suspect, Gregory B. Stewart, was found at a local hospital suffering from a gunshot wound to the stomach.  The other suspect, Paul L. Spencer, was found at his nearby home.  Spencer was arrested and charged with 2nd degree burglary, 2nd degree conspiracy, menacing, and criminal mischief.  A warrant for Stewart’s arrest on the same charges has been issued as well, and Stewart is expected to be arrested upon release from the hospital.  The 74 year old home owner was unharmed.

Cases like this really reinforce my support of self defense rights, and the value of gun ownership for self defense.  Had this 74 year old home owner been unarmed, it is rather unlikely that he would have been able to defend himself against a pair of home invaders who were decades younger.  Firearms really are the great equalizer, and allow one older individual to fend off multiple young home invaders.  Contrast that with what can happen when an unarmed older gentleman is attacked by multiple young criminals, and the value of gun ownership for self defense is quite clear.

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