Remember: One Person Can Make a Difference for Gun Rights

In the ongoing fight for gun rights, it is important to remember that one person really can make a difference.  Here is an example:

Robert Fast is a resident of Broward County, FL, who uses the Tri-Rail mass transit system.  He is also a peaceful and law abiding concealed carry permit holder, who wishes to carry on the train.  Florida law entitles Mr. Fast to carry, and Fla. Stat 790.33  vest the exclusive power to regulate the possession or transportation of firearms with the Florida legislature.  However Tri-Rail decided to simply ignore the law, and banned concealed carry on the train.   Robert Fast took it upon himself to challenge this unlawful denial of concealed carry, and won.  The details of his administrative law action can be seen here.

This case goes to show each of us has the potential to make a difference when it comes to gun rights.  So please: join the NRA, take an anti gun friend shooting for the first time, contact your elected officials, speak up against anti gun bias, and take other action to support the 2nd Amendment.   A few minutes of your time can go a long way.