Anti Gun Newspaper Admits Concealed Carry Fears Were Unfounded

Published by the Author on October 30, 2009 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Anti Gun Newspaper Admits Concealed Carry Fears Were Unfounded

In a recent article, the Jefferson City, MO News Tribune made the commendable choice to acknowledge the fact that their fears about concealed carry were unfounded, and that expanded gun rights laws have in fact enabled law abiding citizens to defend themselves against violent criminals:

Felonious behavior is becoming more dangerous, if two recent incidents are any indication.

During a home invasion on Oct. 5, one of the intruders was shot and killed by one of the occupants of the mobile home.

And an armed assailant is recovering from wounds after he was shot Oct. 13 by one of the people he was attempting to herd into a building housing law offices on East Capitol Avenue.

In the first case, the weapon was kept in the home, which always has been allowed to defend people and property.

In the second incident, the assailant was shot by someone who qualifies under the conceal and carry law.

Sheriff Greg White is a proponent of the conceal and carry law, passed by lawmakers in 2003 after Missouri voters rejected a similar law in 1999.

The law requires people to attain a standard of proficiency with weapons before they are permitted to carry a concealed gun. Proponents of the law believe it offers a greater sense of security and decreases crime by prompting felons to consider the consequences of armed confrontation.

We confess to harboring some reservations about the concealed carry law. Our fear was an increase in guns in public would result in more guns being displayed prematurely and/or more accidents.

White said recently: “All the fears over conceal and carry have never manifested.”

We concede the point.

Anecdotal evidence does not suggest an increase in accidents or unprovoked gunplay.

The evidence, however, does show people defending themselves from harm.

The message being sent to felons is don’t bring a weapon to a crime unless you’re prepared to accept the risk.

It is good to see that the News Tribune was forthright enough to admit their previous error, rather than clinging to the sort of anti gun bias and anti self defense bias that is all too common in the media.

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I could say more on the matter, but the comments from the New Tribune’s own website do a great job:

nightowl wrote on Oct 23, 2009 1:39 AM:

” I found your story on another site and I want to shake your hand. Good for you for looking seriously at the evidence, allowing yourselves to be informed by it, and then acknowledging your error and stating your corrected opinion IN PUBLIC!! Goodness, if all the papers–and TV stations–and weblogs–and magazines–did that, there might be some hope for this old Republic after all!Thanks so much. You done good.

Sailorcurt wrote on Oct 21, 2009 1:07 PM:

I don’t normally register to comment, but I’m making an exception.

Kudos to you for recognizing and admitting your earlier mistake.

Gun control does not work because it targets the wrong people. Good people carrying guns does not increase crime, but gives criminals pause when they cannot be sure whether their intended victims may be armed or not.

Blind support for policies that flatly don’t work are one reason that “legacy” media is in trouble. Your admission that you were in error on this issue is a breath of fresh air. Good on you.

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