Armed Redmond, OR Womand Defends Herself and Her Children Against a Violent Intruder

As reported, a Redmond, Oregon woman used her handgun to defend herself and her children against a home invader, when the police didn’t arrive in time.

Police say that the woman was at home with her two children, ages 8 and 12, when a violent man she knew came to her home and tried to break in.  The woman called 911, and hid her children in the bathroom.  She then grabbed her handgun, and before police could arrive the man broke a kitchen window, entered the woman’s home, and advanced on her while brandishing an “improvised weapon.”  The woman fired her handgun in self defense, striking the violent home invader and ending the attack.  Police arrived to find the intruder dead.  The woman and her children were unharmed.

When a law abiding citizen’s life is in danger, seconds count – and the police are minutes away at best.  Cases where citizens have called the police only to be murdered while waiting for help to arrive are as tragic as they are numerous.

Things often turn out much better when the crime victim is armed for self defense: This armed woman defended herself against a stalker who broke in when the police did not arrive in time.  This armed man came to his mother-in-law’s home and saved her, when 911 failed to answer.  This armed couple fought off two armed home invaders, saving their own lives.  This armed elderly lady stopped a home invader with her gun.  This armed man used his gun to defend himself against an armed home invader.  This armed man held a home invading criminal at shotgun point until the police eventually arrived. The simple fact is that gun ownership allows law abiding people to defend themselves every day when the police are unable to respond in time.