Armed Albuquerque, NM Woman Defends Herself Against a Burglar

Published by the Author on February 17, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Armed Albuquerque, NM Woman Defends Herself Against a Burglar

As reported, an Albuquerque, NM woman used her gun to fend off a daytime burglar.

Police say that the woman called 911 just before noon to report an in-progress break in at her west side home.  While she was still on the phone with 911, the woman reportedly fired one shot in self defense.  Police are said to have arrived to find a suspect with a gunshot wound to the head laying on the woman’s front lawn.  The suspect was reportedly identified as 19 year old Frank Castillo, who was listed in critical condition at a local hospital. Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy Gregg Marcantel reportedly stated that there was reason to believe that there was a co-conspirator, and that police are seeking the driver of a suspected get-away car that drove away after the self defense shooting.

Yet again we have a woman who was able to defend herself with a gun.  Had this woman not been armed, she could have ended up like this woman or this woman – victimized in her own home.  Instead, thanks to her self action actions, she was unharmed and a suspect is in custody.

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  • Miss Nikki BabyDoll

    My cousin was not armed so YET again you are wrong. People make mistakes he left behind family & a beautiful daughter.

    • Inayawan

      A little late on this but,…
      What kind of an idiot would say he “made a mistake!” A mistake is when you break a pencil lead, or drop a plate or stump your toe; he planned his actions to burglarize a home. The next step in his wasted life would be murder. He is responsible for leaving behind a family and beautiful daughter.

      but I am more than happy that your worthless scum criminal cousin died. He is forever a worthless criminal now. I’m hoping the cops waited for him to bleed out before they called the ambulance you birdbrain.

  • Bilbo Johnson

    So because he wasn’t armed he should have just been allowed to victimize a person in their own home, take whatever he wanted and do whatever he wanted to the lady whose home he was breaking into? Are you freaking serious? If he had a wife and daughter maybe he should have taken that into consideration before risking his life breaking into someones house, or better yet find a way to support them through honest means like most other people do. Yes sometimes people make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes cost them their lives. The only person I feel sorry for is the lady who was forced to take a life defending herself. Turning criminals into victims is disgusting.

  • Miss Nikki BabyDoll

    Funny you know the story from 1 side huh? It’s OK the lady finally got charged for lying to police and murder so it’s okay :) your disgusting