“Jogger killed by wolves shows wisdom of national park gun rule change”

I’ve previously discussed the need for concealed carry in national parks, so that law abiding citizens would be in the best position possible to defend themselves against violent criminals in our national parks.  However, two-legged attackers are not the only threat to those who visit national parks, as a recent article from Kurt Hofmann, the St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner, discusses:

We recently looked at the growing threat posed by the presence of violent drug gangs on [public] land, such as national parks, and the wisdom of no longer mandating that park visitors be rendered unable to defend themselves from that danger.

While the greatest threat of violence is undoubtedly posed by rogue humans, a recent tragedy reminds us that sometimes, lethal danger walks on four legs.

The post-mortem carried out on Candice Berner recorded “multiple injuries due to animal mauling” as the cause of death. Her body was found Monday night off the road around a mile outside the small village of Chignik Bay, situated on the Alaska Peninsula. While the particular animal which killed the 32-year-old cannot be confirmed, Alaska State Troopers are certain that wolves were behind the attack.

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