Armed Former-Marine Fends off 3 Home Invaders

As reported, a disabled former US Marine used his handgun to fend off a trio of early-morning home invaders:

Police say that the Marine, who uses a wheelchair, was in his secluded West Pike Run Township, PA home at 2am when his dog began to bark.  Moments later, three home invaders reportedly rushed into the house from different directions, prompting the homeowner to grab his .45 caliber pistol and fire in self defense.  Upon being fired at, all three home invaders are said to have fled, leaving the former Marine unharmed.  Police are reportedly seeking the three suspects responsible for this crime.

Criminals often see the disabled as easy targets, and use their physical strength to overpower these more vulnerable members of society.  Without a gun, few disabled individuals are able to defend themselves against a single younger and stronger attacker.  The situation is even more bleak when such a victim faces multiple attackers.

However, when disabled individuals are armed with a gun, they are in the best position possible to defend themselves.  Here, this disabled Marine used his pistol to fend off three intruders who rushed into his home during the early morning hours.  Similarly, this disabled veteran used his gun to chase off a pair of burglars who were ransacking his house.  As another example, this disabled veteran used his gun to scare off an intruder who was threatening his life.  Similarly, this disabled senior citizen used his gun to to fend off an intruder, while this wheelchair-bound man used his gun to defend himself against a pair of home invading criminals.  Armed self defense works – especially when the crime victim is disabled.  Gun bans, on the other hand, simply leave the disabled at the mercy of violent, gun-ban-ignoring criminals.