Chicago Pawn Shop Owner Shoots Robber in Self Defense

Published by the Author on June 10, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Chicago Pawn Shop Owner Shoots Robber in Self Defense

As reported, the owner of a pawn shop on Chicago’s Northwest side reportedly used his gun in self defense against three robbers:

Police say that that three robbers entered the pawn shop, located on the 5900 block of West Fullerton Avenue, just before 1 PM.  After being placed in fear for life by the robbers, the pawn shop owner is said to have fired in self defense, striking one of the robbers and sending his accomplices fleeing.  A dead suspect was found near the crime scene, and police are seeking the two other suspects, according to news reports.  No injuries to the pawn shop owner or any bystanders were reported.

This is the third self defense shooting to occur in Chicago during the last couple of weeks.  In the first self defense shooting, an 80 year old Chicago homeowner used his handgun to stop a convicted felon who broke in during the ealy morning hours.  In the second self defense shooting, another Chicago homeowner used his handgun to stop a fugitive who dove through his front window while running from the police.

Sadly, gun control advocates ignore the self defense value of firearms and believe that infringing the right of law abiding citizens to own a gun for self defense will somehow prevent criminals from having a gun and using it to commit a crime.  The fact is that criminals ignore the laws that tell them not to have a gun, just as readily as they ignore the rest of society’s laws.  The result is that criminals remained armed, and are able to prey upon their defenseless victims with impunity.  Adding insult to injury, gun bans lead to situations where those citizens who fire in self defense end up prosecuted for saving their own lives.  Hopefully, the soon to be decided McDonald v. Chicago case will put an end to Chicago’s handgun ban and the injustice that goes along with it, allowing more Chicago residents to defend themselves against violent criminals.

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  • Cory

    Well, we will have a ruling on McDonald v. Chicago soon. Daley's backdoor ban on freedom and self-preservation may soon disappear. After that, we will need to work our legislature to create CCW for Illinois.

    • JD

      That is the plan Cory. We are pushing the concealed carry issue here in southern Illinois

      to the limits while the time is right. The Supreme court ruling the demise of Short Shanks Daley and the long over due desire of the citizens of Chicago to arm themselves against the street aggression is creating a very viable movement for Illinoisians to aquire the same rights as forty eight other states now have regarding concealed carrying of hand guns. Many townhall meetings on CCW in the northern regions of the state are being attended with a high interest by people that have decided that Daleys' gun ban is worthless and a direct violation of the rights of every law abiding citizen in Chicago by preventing households from becoming armed and capable of defending its residents with handguns. Go to and see the many scheduled CCW events that are being conducted throughout the state. I was told by a popular Illinois Senator one month ago that if Bill Brady is elected Governor of Illinois we will have a concealed carry permit by the end of the 2011 spring legislative session. Not to offend any Democrats but Gov. Quinn stated he WILL NOT sign any carry bill what so ever.

      Bill Brady said he would sign a good efficent

      Concealed Carry Bill. Brady is a pretty solid legislator as well as a person.