Armed Woman Uses Her Pistol to Fend Off a Home Invader

Published by the Author on August 19, 2010 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Armed Woman Uses Her Pistol to Fend Off a Home Invader

As reported, a woman used her pistol to fend off a home invader:

Police say that at about 6:15PM, a woman returned to her Liberty County, TX home, and found a burglar inside.  Fearing for her safety, the woman reportedly grabbed and fired her self defense handgun, missing the intruder but causing him to jump out of a window.  A neighbor is said to have helped the homeowner detail the intruder until police could arrive and arrest him.  A suspect, reportedly identified as 21 year old Nicholas Adam Tanner, is said to have been taken into custody and treated for broken glass injuries to his arm and hand, according to police.

Yet again we have a woman who was able to defend herself with a gun. Had this woman not been armed, she could have ended up like this woman or this other woman – victimized in her own home. Instead, thanks to her self action actions, she was unharmed and a suspect is in custody.

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