Violent Mugger Fatally Shot by Concealed Carry Permit Holder

As reported, a concealed carry permit holder used his handgun to stop an armed and violent robber:

Police say that the 43 year old man was on the 1800 block of Pennsylvania Avenue in South Dallas, Texas, when a robber approached, brandished a handgun, and demanded the man’s wallet.  The man, who is a concealed carry permit holder and was carrying a self defense gun, is said to have complied with the robber’s demand, and handed over his wallet.  The robber reportedly took the man’s wallet and started to leave on a bicycle, only to turn back around and open fire on the man, missing the man but striking his pickup truck.  At this point, the robbery victim is said to have drawn and fired his self defense gun, striking the robber and ending the attack.  A suspect – reportedly identified as 22 year old Nicholas Lewis – died from his wounds at a nearby hospital, and no injuries to the robbery victim were reported.

I would note the great restraint that this robbery victim showed by not immediately firing at his attacker. Those opposed to gun rights like to suggest that armed citizens who fire in self defense are blood thirsty killers just looking for an excuse to take a life. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, such armed citizens fire as a last resort, in order to protect themselves and their families from an imminent threat. As another example, this disabled veteran, who had a concealed carry permit, decided to comply with a robber’s demands for his wallet instead of shooting in self defense. It was only when the robber continued to advance on him while brandishing a metal pipe that the citizen fired in self defense. Similarly, this pizza delivery driver handed over his money and tried to back away, and only fired in self defense after the violent robber followed him and continued to threaten his life.  As another example, this elderly man went to great lengths to avoid shooting the violent criminals who were threatening his life.   As a final example, this man gave a machete-wielding attacker multiple chances to cease his attack before firing in self defense, and even provided first aid to the attacker after he was forced to fire. In the current case, as well as those other examples, armed citizens risked their lives by hesitating, in an attempt to avoid having to shoot a violent attacker.

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Note that I’m not suggesting that citizens should or must hesitate the way that these citizens did; instead, my only point is that armed citizens are not the violence-prone individuals that anti gun groups suggest them to be.