Armed Jamaican Citizen Stops an Armed Robber

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As I’ve previously noted, I primarily write about armed self defense cases in the United States. This is because I’m an American, who focuses first and foremost on American gun and self defense rights. However, I also like to occasionally discuss armed self defense cases from around the world, such as this recent case from Jamaica:

Police say that a man, who was armed with a knife, attempted to rob a business located on Washington Street in St. Andrew, Jamaica around 11:00am.  A bystander, who had a firearm permit, reportedly drew and fired his gun, striking the robber.  A get-away driver for the robber is said to have opened fire on the citizen, but missed.  Police arrived to apprehend the suspect, who was bleeding heavily from gunshot wounds, and transported him to a local hospital.  No injuries to the armed citizen, the robbery victim, or any bystanders were reported.

Once again, guns are a valuable self defense tool, whether the crime victim is in the United States another country.  Unarmed individuals can suffer a terrible fate when attacked by a violent criminal, even if they fully cooperate with that criminal’s demands.  The same is true for those who try to run away from the criminal. On the other hand, fighting back against robbers can be quite effective as a means of reducing the risk of injury to the victim.  This Guyana man used his handgun to stop 4 robbers who were armed with an ice pick.  Similarly, this Belize City man used his gun to stop a violent robber who attacked him in his own yard. As another example, this armed South African business owner used his gun to stop a pair of robbers. This armed Israeli citizen stopped a terrorist who was using heavy construction equipment to attack random people. I could go on with more examples, but the point should be clear – armed self defense works around the globe.

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Those who oppose armed self defense should also note the great many cases like this, where a law abiding citizen uses their gun for self defense in a busy area, and not one bystander is harmed. Remember, statistics show that armed citizens are much less likely than the police to shoot the wrong person.

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