Violent, home invading ex-wife shot in self defense

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As reported, a man used his shotgun to stop his ex-wife after she broke in to his home during the night and opened fired:

Police say that just after 1:00 AM, Cristen Ann Cox went to her ex-husband’s home, armed with a handgun, and fired four shots into the front door, entered, and fired another shot in the living room.  Awakening to the gunfire, the ex-husband, whose girlfriend was in the home, reportedly grabbed his shotgun and fired in self defense at the figure he saw entering the bedroom.  After firing, the ex-husband is said to have turned on the light, at which point he realized the now-deceased intruder was his ex-wife, against whom he had taken out a restraining order in January, according to news reports.  No injuries to the ex-husband or his girlfriend were reported.

Domestic violence is a serious problem, and restraining orders are little deterrence to a domestic abuser who is dead-set on harming their victim.  Indeed, whether armed or unarmed, domestic abusers can inflict terrible harm, as a few other examples make clear: This Illinois woman and her baby were seriously injured when their home was allegedly invaded by the baby’s father, who came in swinging a baseball bat.  This Chicago Woman was seriously injured, and her current boyfriend was fatally stabbed, allegedly by her ex boyfriend when he invaded her home.  This North Carolina woman was stabbed, and her daughter was killed, by a domestic abuser who allegedly then burned himself to death with gasoline.

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However, armed domestic violence victims are in the best position possible to defend themselves.  This Arizona woman used her handgun to protect her own life from a violent stalker who had broken into her home when the police didn’t arrive in time.  This other woman also used a gun to save her own life after a violent ex broke in and the police didn’t get there in time.  As another example, this Alabama woman used her gun to stop an ex-boyfriend who broke in to her home, hid in her closet, and ambushed her when she returned home that night.  I could go on with many more examples, but the point should be clear – armed self defense works.

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