Armed Contractor Shoot Teen Robber in Self Defense

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As reported, a contractor in Evanston, Ohio used his gun to stop a 16 year old who had robbed a coworker and opened fire.

Around 11:30, two contractors were working on a house near Walnut Hills High School. Local 12 is told that one went to his truck to get some equipment when he was approached by the teenager, who they say was armed with a gun. Police told us that contractor was robbed of his wallet. The second contractor was coming to the first contractor’s aid when police say the teen fired at the second contractor. According to investigators, the contractor also had a gun and a concealed carry license. He fired back hitting the teen. Terrell was pronounced dead here on scene.

In cases such as this, it is common for some people to criticize the self defense shooter due to the age of the criminal.  To that, I would say a few things.  First, a 16 year old male is often near the peak of his physical strength, and can pose quite a threat if violent.  For example, at 16 years old, I stood 6’2″, and could bench press 245 lbs.  Luckily for those around me, I was as peace loving and law abiding as I am today – but had I been violent then I doubt that your average 38 year old would have been able stop me, without a gun.  Secondly, while a 16 year old likely lacks the judgment of a 40 year old, they certainly know right from wrong, and are not immature children. Virtually every 16 year old who commits robbery does so with the understanding that their actions are illegal and dangerous, and cannot reasonably claim age as an excuse.  Thirdly and most importanly, second guessing a citizen who defends themselves is almost never proper, as I discuss here.  Finally, while it is sad that this young man’s life is over, just as any loss of life is sad, it is far better that a criminal suffer than his innocent victims.

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