Dental Office Employee Shoots Robbers in Self Defense

As reported, a pair of violent robbers was shot by an employee of a Las Vegas, Nevada dental office.

Police say that at around 7:00pm, two masked robbers entered the dental office and held a patient and employee at gunpoint while demanding money.  The robbers are said to have pistol whipped a dentist, before an employee was able to run to his car, get his gun, and shoot the robbers in defense of himself and the others present.  One robber died of her injuries, and another fled, according to police.

Armed robberies are a deadly threat for the employees and patrons of a business.  Had this dental office employee been unarmed, he could have ended up seriously harmed – like this deli owner, this bakery worker, this man, or this woman, as criminals often harm even those victims who fully cooperate.  The same is often true for those robbery victims who try to run away, as this man sadly learned.  Luckily, this employee was armed, and as a result was able to defend himself against this violent robbery attempt. As this and countless other cases demonstrate, armed self defense works.