Columbia County, FL Intruder Shot in Self Defense by Armed Homeowner

Published by the Author on January 9, 2016 at 12:28 pm > Gun Related News > Columbia County, FL Intruder Shot in Self Defense by Armed Homeowner

As reported, a Columbia County, Florida homeowner used his gun to stop a knife-wielding home invader.

Police say that the homeowner heard a man forcing his way into the home at about 8:00pm, at which point he grabbed his self defense pistol and fired a shot at the intruder, striking the intruder in the leg before hiding in the bathroom. Police reportedly arrived to find a trail of blood and a suspect who has a lengthy criminal history that includes burglary and theft hiding in a nearby yard. No injuries to the homeowner were reported.

People who are willing to break into a home in order to steal will often cause great harm to the occupants.  Sometimes that harm is inflicted out of a desire to locate valuables, and other times it is purely due to the sadistic desire to harm a fellow human.  Real life examples as well as common sense suggest that it is unwise to trust a person’s safety to a violent criminal who has already demonstrated a disregard for the law and basic decency by breaking into a home.

As this Florida homeowner’s case shows, armed self defense is the solution.  Rather than being at the mercy of a home invader who was armed with a knife, this man was able to defend himself.  Armed self defense works, plain and simple.

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